Tengo unos cuantos sitios web alojados con Hostgator, y es tan surrealista lo que me ha sucedido con su servicio de asistencia, o soporte, que os copio aquí la conversación, en inglés, con faltas de ortografía y todo. Esto es atender al cliente, y lo demás chorradas…


Chat ID: 24892611 Initial Question: Unauthorized access
10:24:26 PMMartin L Hello Javier how can I help you
10:24:47 PMJavier Hi Martin
10:25:10 PMJavier I have a problem Here. Yesterday I have deleted some files, and today they are here again
10:25:24 PMJavier It is in all my sites with wordpress
10:25:52 PMJavier I have deleted the files again, and I have changed my access password, but it don´t help.
10:26:00 PMJavier hat can I do? Thanks in advance.
10:26:09 PMMartin L Got it have you been keeping up with the plug in and theme updates
10:26:29 PMJavier Yes, it is all updated.
10:26:44 PMJavier The problem is that this deleted files, appear again
10:26:51 PMJavier it is malware…
10:27:55 PMMartin L Because you have been hacked
10:27:59 PMJavier I delete them, but come back…
10:28:07 PMJavier ok… What can i Do?
10:28:49 PMMartin L what is the domain name
10:29:35 PMJavier www.criticadelibros.com , for example
10:30:26 PMMartin L ok let me look
10:30:48 PMJavier thanks. I have deleted the bad files two minutes ago
10:33:58 PMMartin L How many sites do you have
10:34:24 PMJavier about 20
10:34:54 PMJavier The problem appears only in the wordpress sites
10:35:48 PMJavier 15 wordpress sites…
10:36:37 PMMartin L I suggest adding a scanner that will scan your sites and automatically remove malware. This tool is 95% effective. The price is $7.50 per site per month
10:37:28 PMJavier ok, but a question… Ithe securuity of ther server is maintained by the hosting, is not?
10:37:40 PMJavier Why I have only this problem here?
10:37:58 PMJavier IThe solution is more expensive than the hosting 🙂
10:38:36 PMJavier Ok. Final question, please.
10:38:55 PMJavier Why other persons can access my files?